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With 24 years of experience, the professional finders team at ProLocators, Inc. is one of the longest operating, and experienced unclaimed money recovery agencies in the United States. Our services have benefitted Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals alike--both in the U.S. and abroad. 

Unique to its trade, ProLocators, Inc. has unrestricted access to unclaimed account information from more than 100 reporting groups. Through a series of proprietary methods ProLocators, Inc. identifies, and locates owners of unclaimed money, for the purpose of helping such to claim the money from the source.

Once engaged, ProLocators, Inc. holds a recovery success rate of greater than 98%!

Consider this...

ProLocators has found something of value (money) payable to you--money that belongs to you, but for some reason which we hope to determine, has not been paid to you. You do not currently have access to this money. ProLocators, Inc. has made a good-faith effort by locating you to report this information. We will provide the necessary elements enabling you to recover the money in exchange for a contingent, nominal-percentage fee based upon the actual amount recovered--and then only after the money has been paid!

ProLocators has made these efforts to get something to you--not take something from you!

We understand your concerns; it can be difficult to know who to trust.  ProLocators, Inc. will not ask you to provide any sensitive information until such time as it has proven the source, and existence of the money.

ProLocators, Inc. will never, at any time, use, sell, share, or disclose any sensitive personal or corporate information. For more information on our privacy and security, please visit the FAQ.

​"Thank you SO very much for calling our attention to an account that we didn't even know belonged to our organization. The professional manner in which you do business is to be commended. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure working with you!"

-Sandy B., Neighbor to Neighbor of Door County, Sturgeon Bay, WI​


​​If we contacted you and you are ready to move forward with recovering your assets, we are here to help!

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ProLocators, Inc.
Unclaimed Money Recovery Services

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State and federal entities, municipal governments, local and bankruptcy courts and some private agencies collectively hold onto more than $50 BILLION in unclaimed money. These unclaimed monies may be tied to bank accounts, insurance claims, life insurance payouts, investment proceeds, real estate transactions, and many, many more. There are thousands of agencies that could be in control of unclaimed money belonging to you!

Recovery Steps 

  • Client: Contingent fee agreement signed granting access to information & authority
  • ProLocators: Detailed information and claim form sought/obtained from reporting agency information
  • ProLocators: Present account information, claim, and supporting information being sought 
  • ProLocators: Direct, and assist with completing claim, and obtaining supporting information
  • Client: Claim documents completed, signed, and supporting documents assembled
  • Client: Claim documents sent to, and received by ProLocators, Inc. for review, processing, and filing 
  • ProLocators: Claim documents filed with paying agency
  • Once claim is filed, payor agency will review, and approve the claim according to their process (typically 30-120 days)
  • Once received (a successful recovery), the owner/payee will make payment of the finder's fee to ProLocators, Inc.  

What's next?


If we've contacted you, it means that ProLocators, Inc. has found unclaimed money that belongs to you!

In many cases, unclaimed money is the result of old, and/or failed transactions. In most cases, the owner (intended payee) fully recognizes the source, and many times the purpose of the unclaimed money once that information has been revealed.

Recovery of this unclaimed money requires the presentation of owner-specific information to be accomplished. The source of the unclaimed money, many times an agency acting in a fiduciary capacity, will require evidence of ownership before they will release the money back to you. Each recovery is unique and can be complicated by many factors.

To be clear, ProLocators, Inc. seeks to help you claim the money it has identified, and has reasonably presumed your interest in its recovery.

The services to be provided are offered on a contingent basis by ProLocators, Inc. The use of a contingent fee agreement grants ProLocators, Inc. the authority to further represent your interests, and specifically details how and what you will pay in exchange for these services. The services provided under the contingent fee agreement require NO ADVANCE COSTS, and will only cost you a nominal percentage of the recovered money upon a successful recovery.

If you recover no money, you will pay no money to ProLocators, Inc.

​Learn more about the recovery timeline in our FAQ.  If you still have questions, simply contact us and one of our agents will gladly guide you through the process step-by-step!