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Unclaimed Money Recovery Services

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why has ProLocators, Inc. contacted me?

ProLocators has contacted you for a very specific reason.  We have identified unclaimed money that belongs to you or your business.  The identified money is non-current, being held by a fiduciary agency, and will require a specific set of actions to reacquire.


Where does unclaimed money originate?

Unclaimed money results from variety of sources.  Certain financial instruments or accounts sometimes become separated or misdirected by the originator, others are simply neglected or forgotten by their owner.  There are more than 100 different types of unclaimed money and literally thousands of agencies that may have been given control over them.  In many cases, unclaimed accounts are simply a result of human or computer error.  Lacking proper identifying information, the unclaimed money is then placed with certain agencies for safekeeping.  


How did ProLocators, Inc. find me?

Our agents are licensed private investigators and professional finders.  We are experts in our field.  It is through our licensing and granted authority that we have access to paid sites and proprietary databases, as well as public records data, directories, and historical archives.  We combine these resources to help obtain the highest chance of success of finding owners and heirs.


What services will ProLocators, Inc. provide?

Our business is to make your recovery of the unclaimed money simple.  In addition to making sure that your questions are answered and concerns are addressed, it is our responsibility to manage ongoing communications between related agencies, locate and secure proper documentation, complete documents, and manage any potential roadblocks that arise during the process.  Each recovery is made unique by its type and location.


Why should I trust the services of ProLocators, Inc.?

Each controlling agency has forms, rules and procedures that may hinder your ability to successfully execute a proper claim.  Even with more than 15 years of experience, we still contend with unforeseen agency demands.  It is beneficial to have an experienced professional working on your behalf to navigate those ins and outs and avoid a potential denial of claim.  ProLocators will make every effort to prepare and present a complete and valid claim in order for you to receive a prompt approval and payout.


How long will it take, and what are the odds of a full recovery?

Every situation and unclaimed account recovery is unique.  Each varies in its complexity and required documentation based upon the type of account and the entity that controls it.  ProLocators makes every effort to complete the claim and supporting information in a timely manner, but approval and payout is dependent upon the controlling agency.  On average, a successful recovery occurs 60-120 days after submission of the claim.  We proudly enjoy an engaged-recovery success rate of higher than 95%! 


Am I required to sign any documents?

Yes.  There will be several documents requiring signature throughout the process, beginning with a contingent services agreement.  The contingent services agreement becomes the gateway for ProLocators to officially represent your interests in the recovery and claim process.  Under the terms of the contingent agreement there are no upfront costs, and no obligation if the unclaimed money is unrecoverable for any reason.  


What information and requirements will I be asked to provide?

In addition to an official claim form, all unclaimed money recoveries require certain basic information.  In most cases, agencies controlling the unclaimed money act in a fiduciary capacity and must be assured of ownership before releasing payment.  Basic information such as picture ID and proof of current and former address are always required.  Additional documentation shall be required, and depends upon where the unclaimed money originated and controlling agency.  For example, as a potential heir to an estate asset, documentation will be different and more complex because the funds were owned by another person, however our agents will provide clear guidance each step of the way.  All documentation and information provided to or obtained by ProLocators is considered confidential and safeguarded for your protection.


What about the privacy and security of my information? 

The nature of our business involves processing of sensitive information in order to establish a claim.  You can be assured that all information obtained or to be further provided to us shall only be used for the purpose of securing the recovery of your unclaimed money.  ProLocators will not at any time use, sell, share, or otherwise disclose any sensitive personal or corporate information.  All sensitive information is subject to restricted internal access.